New Elba Island Day Trip

One day excursion to Elba Island with captain and lunch on board.

  • Meeting at 8:50 am in the square between via della Dogana and Lungomare Giuseppe Garibaldi (in front of the Tartana disco)
  • Departure from the Port at approximately 9:00
  • Return around 18:00

What it includes:

  • Private tour
  • Captain on board
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Dinghy to reach the beaches
  • Lunch
  • Drinks

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towel

Before leaving, we like to get to know each other a little.

If this is the first time you visit Elba, we recommend heading to the east coast, where we can discover some of the most evocative bays of the island and if you feel like it, visit one of the most characteristic villages: Porto Azzurro. If you prefer other locations, the excursion is fully customizable according to your preferences. The Island of Elba is very large and offers many places to see and discover which, depending on the direction of the wind, may be preferable to others.

This is our recommended itinerary:

Once left mooring, we will head towards Elba and it will take us about an hour to reach the island, the boat we use: “MIMI” allows you to enjoy the crossing, perhaps lying in the bow to savor the crisp morning air listening to the sound of waves.

On the way we will pass by Cerboli, a small island full of history which, upon returning, may be worth a stop for a swim or a snack.

Upon arrival, the first recommended destination is the Ortano beach, where you can take a first swim, reach the beach with the dinghy and relax in the sun.

Around lunchtime we will go towards the Gulf of Porto Azzurro, where we will be able to drop anchor in one of the many coves in the area to swim, eat and drink something on board . The menu includes: rice or cold pasta, white pizza, fruit, water, beer and wine. white pizza, fruit and drinks will be available throughout the day, so you can eat or drink whenever you like.

In the early afternoon it is recommended to visit Porto Azzurro, for an ice cream or simply to take a stroll through the shops in the streets of the village. If you prefer to set sail in search of another beach, there will be many more to choose from.

If our excursion has convinced you, contact us now and book your excursion

January 18, 2021 Tours
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